Fotografiska New York

Stop Motion Series

I learned that taking still-life photographs was one of the simplest ways to stay creative during the lock down in New York. It turned out that capturing flowers and fruits could be as challenging and artistically fullfilling as taking pictures of human beings. In times when people were forced to stay home and avoid any human interaction  I taught myself to make a connection with the world through inanimate objects.  This still-life of yellow mums were featured on Fotografiska - New York page as part of Stop Morion Series for still-life theme.


Fotografiska Stockholm

Stop Motion Series

This photograph is my first and only try in boudoir genre. I took this picture specifically for Stop Motion Series. Only this time it got featured on Fotografiska - Stockholm page.  I named it "Strength and Beauty".


Bon Appétit

This photgraph was taken for Silver Rice Sushi Shop. The restaurant was included in NYC 100 list by Bon Appétit as one of the best sushi places in Brooklyn.